Intellectual property rights

The information presented during the camp is the property of Camp Violon Trad Québec, which holds the intellectual property rights. Unless otherwise specified, these rights apply to anything broadcasted over the weekend. Anyone may, without authorization or charge, audio record the pieces taught. However, it is forbidden to record parts other than the classes, just as it is also forbidden to record any part of the camp in video mode. In addition, you are not authorized to broadcast or reproduce your audio recordings in any way. Thus, anyone who wishes to reproduce, store, download, translate, or represent sounds or images in public, must obtain prior authorization from Camp Violon Trad Québec. Intellectual property rights are the exclusive rights held by Camp Violon Trad Québec over the videos it produces or publishes. If a third party wishes to use material affected by such rights, they must, unless otherwise specified or provided for in the relevant laws, request the authorizations, licenses, permissions or concessions of interest from the rights holder. This is particularly the case with reproduction, storage or memorization for purposes other than those strictly permitted.