“Violon Trad Québec”, an album with Stéphanie Lépine, André Brunet et Éric Beaudry

It was on June 1, 2023 that the album “Violon Trad Québec” was launched during a dance evening organized by the Camp de Violon Traditionnel Québécois de Lanaudière at the Bal Maski in Saint-Gabriel. Stéphanie Lépine, Éric Beaudry and André Brunet; their guests Dâvi Simard and David Boulanger made the fans dance all evening under the direction of the caller and great collaborator of Camp VTQ, Jean-François Berthiaume!

The first CD, for the 3 co-founders of Camp VTQ since 2008, is an overview of 15 years of teaching (2008 to 2022) with selected tunes that evoke the soul of the camp. Tunes that recall the moments they spent singing the tunes, dissecting passages, placing an ornament, trying a slur, finding the right simple or more colorful chord, making their instruments resonate on slow or more rhythmic airs, … playing these tunes which bring to life all these occasions gathered together to chat, dance and enjoying the moment!

Transmission is important to us, in each piece we find the soul of the fiddler who played or composed the piece. We have the feeling that we share the accent, the spoken words of yesterday’s musicians in today’s universe, thus keeping their music alive, enriching ours and nourishing that of tomorrow. » says André Brunet, co-founder of Camp VTQ.

You can find these tunes and get the album now by clicking on this link