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Guillaume Turcotte

Guillaume Turcotte


Guillaume started study the piano at the age of 7. Coming from a family where the music was present, he learned at a young age how to harmonise and accompany. First a classical, popular and jazz pianist, he perfects itself on the guitar, mandolin, accordion, piano and flute.

Professional musician for over 12 years, he explores several different musical styles and accumulates many performances with different bands: avec Barbo (Québec trad) , Mad’moizèle Giraf (Reggae-Raggamuffin), Lisa Leblanc (folk), Francis Faubert (folk), Vander (French song). Also he acts as a substitute musician with other bands. Having participated in more than 15 different projects over the years, many studio sessions and more than 600 concerts having led the United States, France, Belgium, Colombia, Yukon and all the roads of Quebec, Guillaume has developed a great professional rigor.

In addition to the scene, Guillaume teaches the piano for 10 years, including at the school of “Jeunes Musiciens du Monde” in Montreal, where the traditional repertoire is privileged. He also taught at the “American Dance & Music Week” at Pinewoods, Massachusetts in the summer of 2013.