VTQ Scholarship

In 2008,  the Violon Trad Québec Scholarship Program was established to encourage young musicians to learn and perpetuate traditional Quebec music. Nearly 180 scholarships have already been awarded to as many young traditional music enthusiasts for a total amount of $ 37,000. During each edition of Camp Violon Trad Québec, funds are raised for the VTQ scholarship (fundraising campaign, donations, auctions during the camp …) This scholarship allows young musicians of 18 years old and under the chance to get financial aid. This sponsorship normally ranges between $ 100 and $ 400 (CAD) per young person registered at the camp. The recipients of the scholarship are normally asked to do a mini performance (solo, duo, trio, etc.) during lunchtime concerts and sometimes a few small tasks in support of operations during the camp. As this year is special, we wanted to do things differently.

For this virtual edition:

For the 14th edition, we ask young people applaying for the VTQ scholarship to send us a video of a musical performance. These will be presented during youth concerts throughout the camp (Saturday and Sunday noon).

Admission conditions and filming requirements

To be eligible for the scholarship you must:

  • be registered for the camp,
  • be 18 years of age and under,
  • have had the attached consent form completed by a parent or legal guardian.
  • have submitted a 3 minutes video that meets the criterion:
    • the participant must introduce himself/herslef/themselves and present the work performed at the beginning of the video
    • Use landscape (horizontal), not portrait (vertical) mode.
    • Use your smartphone’s rear camera to film. Do not use your laptop camera.
    • Lighting is very important! No back lighting, do not sit with a light source or window behind you. Sit IN FRONT of a light source or window, with the camera between you and the light source. The more light, the better. 
    • No handheld filming, use a tripod or prop the camera on something.
    • Unless there’s a health concern, film indoors (for sound quality purposes).
    • Files MUST be shared via Dropbox, Google Drive, or WeTransfer ONLY.
    • the recording must be sent in .mp4 format

You have until May 20, 2021 at the latest to send us the form and the video of your performance to the following address: camp@violontradquebec.ca

Hurry up! There are only 15 spots !!!