Youth Scholarships

Photo : Aimé Méthé.

In 2008, the Violon Trad Québec Scholarship Program was established to encourage young musicians to learn and perpetuate the traditionnal music of Québec. Each edition of Camp, we  raise funds (fundraising campaign, donations, auctions…) for this scholarship to provide young people of 18 years and under with  financial assistance. Scholarship amounts range from $100-400 (CAD). Recipients will be encouraged to participate in mini-performances during lunchtime (solo or with other camp members). Scholarship recipients are expected to help out with small tasks in the spirit of camp participation and volunteerism.

Selection criteria

To apply for a scholarship you must be registered at the camp. Complete and submit the form below before June, 1st. The selection committee will consider the following criteria:

  • You are 18 years old and under
  • Your interest in the traditional music of Québec
  • Your motivation and reasons for coming to camp
  • Travel expenses related to camp
  • If applicable, camp costs for those accompanying you

Application form

  • First name, last name.
  • Nombre d'accompagnateurs ou membres de la famille qui t'accompagnent au camp. Number of people or family members with you.
  • Depuis combien d'année joues-tu de ton instrument? How long have you played your instrument for?
  • Écris-nous les raisons pour lesquelles tu désires recevoir la bourse.
    Tell us why you'd like a scholarship.
  • Pourquoi veux-tu participer au camp? Décris-nous tes motivations.
    What are your reasons for coming to camp?
  • Décris-nous ta formation et ton cheminement musical: Pourquoi as-tu choisi cet instrument? Est-ce qu’il y a des membres de ta famille qui sont musiciens? Qu’est-ce que la musique t'apporte?

    Tell us about your training and musical direction : Why did you choose this instrument? Are other family members musicians? What does music bring to your life?
  • Quels sont tes projets musicaux pour la prochaine année?
    What are your musical plans for the upcoming year?
  • Quels sont tes rêves en lien avec ta pratique musicale?
    What do you dream about doing with your music?
  • Cochez la case et résoudre le problème si demandé. Check the case and resolve problem if needed.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.