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André Brunet


ANDRÉ BRUNET was born and raised in Lacolle in Québec’s Montérégie region. He was first drawn to music at a very young age. It was his parents who first noticed his keen interest in music and encouraged him to follow his passion. André’s first love was for the violin and, at the age of nine, he began taking lessons. Along with his brother Réjean, he created Les Frères Brunet and went on to record several albums and perform at various concerts around the world.

In 1997, André’s unwavering energy and refined style earned him a spot with ten piece band La Bottine Souriante with whom he toured more than 15 countries over the course of 10 years. Although his journey with La Bottine Souriante came to an end in 2006, André remained immersed in traditional music and he is currently playing with his former colleagues from La Bottine Souriante: Pierre-Luc Dupuis and Éric Beaudry in the group De Temps Antan. This group was formed initially to do a few concerts a year, now the group plays over the globe throughout the year.

Bearer of musicality and knowledge of traditional Québec music, from 2004 to 2015, Andre was fortunate and honoured to showcase his creative talents across the globe within the group Celtic Fiddle Festival alongside the great fiddlers Kevin Burke (Ireland), Christian Lemaître (Brittany) and the renowned guitarist, Nicolas Quemener (Brittany).

At the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Competition in August 2008 – an event showcasing more than twenty violinists from across Canada – André took home top honours as “Canadian Grand Master”. It was the first time a Québécois had won the prestigious award since the competition’s inception in 1990. In September 2009, André has won the first place in one of the most prestigious fiddle competitions in Canada: Annual Pembrooke Old Time Fiddling and Step Dancing Championships; which make him again the first Québec fiddler to be “Grand Champion” at this competition since its beginning in 1975.

Since 2008, Andre owns a fiddle camp with friends Éric Beaudry and Stéphanie Lépine called Camp de Violon Traditionnel Québécois de Lanaudière which is a fiddle camp based on learning and development of the fiddle repertoire in québécois traditional music.

One of the highlights of his career in 2010 was his participation  at Opening Ceremony of the XXIe Olympic Winter Games 2010 in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. He has represented the Province of Québec at the part of the evening called: Fiddles Nations: Rhythms of the Fall alongside great musicians such as Ashley MacIsaac, April Verch, Daniel Lapp, Samantha Robichaud and Sierra Noble.

Full time with the band De Temps Antan, André will appear here and there with his brother Réjean Brunet (Le Vent du Nord), with guitarist and singer Bernard Simard, Colin Savoie-Levac (Les Poules à Colin).

By pushing the boundaries of music and by continuing to rise in the musical world, Andre’s passion for traditional Québécois music is equaled only by its irresistible desire to play the violin and to carry the soul of a deeply rooted historical and prestigious tradition.